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A Champion Is Not Born , A Champion Is Made! 

"You can fail in life at what you don't enjoy doing so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love"

- Jim Carrey

To schedule an appointment of the MCW PRO WRESTLING TRAINING CENTER, please scroll to the bottom of the page, after your read and reviewed all the information.

 MCW Pro Wrestling Training Center (MCWPWTC) Hours are Tuesday & Thursday's from 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM.  NO WALK IN APPOINTMENTS will be honored, you must contact the training center in advance and set up an appointment with one of the trainers if you wish to see the facility.  We are NOT open to the public, please only schedule an appointment if you are seriously considering training to become a professional wrestler. 

Action Andretti
is the latest MCWPWTC Trainee to be signed to a National Company.
Production Class.png
You want to learn more about the BEHIND THE CURTAIN PRODUCTION CLASS,
Click on the image.
April 2, 2024
June 25, 2024
September 24, 2024

Classes are  Tuesday & Thursday.​
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4/2/2019 - Former MCW Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions, SOS, sign contracts with ROH.


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3/2/2018 - Former WWE Diva Rosa Mendes has publicly announced that she is training for a come back in Professional Wrestling and she has decided to start training full time at the MCW Pro Wrestling Training Center to prepare for her return to the ring. 

Click Below to read an article from ESPN about Lio's quick rise in Professional Wrestling.


Lio Rush on the fast track to pro wrestling stardom - ESPN

"The training I received from Dan McDevit and MCWPWTC laid the groundwork that ultimately led to my current role as a WWE Referee. 

 Dan’s patience and ability to bring out the best in his students, makes the MCWPWTC a highly recommended training facility."

Ring Of Honor Superstar Jay Lethal Guest Training at the MCWPWTC.

WWE Superstar "Hardcore" Bob Holly guest training at the MCWPWTC.


The MCWPWTC featured on ABC2 NEWS.

Are you interested in a career in professional wrestling?  Is it your dream to compete in the squared circle?  Let the MCW Pro Wrestling Training Center (MCWPWTC) help provide you with the necessary fundamentals to succeed in the world of professional wrestling.  
Recognized by WWE  Hall Of Fame - Class of 2014 Inductee Lita during her acceptance speech,  MCW PRO WRESTLING and Owner Dan McDevitt were a part of Lita’s training and development at the beginning of her career.
The MCWPWTC also helped train other pro wrestling stars such as current NXT referee Jessika Carr, Current NXT Superstar Velveteen Dream (Patrick Clark), and 2016 Ring Of Honor Top Prospect and current WWE NXT star Lio Rush, WWE referee Darrick Moore, and former WWE Diva's Champion Mickie James. 

The MCWPWTC trains Male & Female professional Wrestlers, Referees & Managers/Valets. The cost for training is the same no matter which area you wish to train in and all students must complete all 3 classes in order to graduate and receive your first professional match with MCW Pro Wrestling.

Training at the MCWPWTC is broken down into 3 phases; the Beginners, the Intermediate, and the Advanced/Finishing Class.

The Beginner's Class is designed to determine if you have the intestinal fortitude and athletic aptitude to be a pro wrestler. It is open to anyone who wants to find out if they have what it takes, and to give the student a grasp of the basics of the sport. This 12 week pro wrestling "training camp" will challenge you and your body. The Beginner's Class meets every Tuesday & Thursday from 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM at the MCWPWTC located inside the Joppa Market Place.  At the end of the 12 week course, you will either decide that professional wrestling is not for you or you will decide that you are going to enroll in the Intermediate class. In the event you feel like you are not ready for the Intermediate class or possibly missed too many sessions because of other obligations in your life, we would allow you to re-take the beginner’s class.

Beginner’s Class
Tuition for the MCWPWTC Beginner's Class is $2000.00 to be paid in full by the first day of your scheduled class. Keep in mind that classes are limited to a certain number of students. If the course is full those wishing to enroll will be wait-listed for the next available session.
These classes will be cardio intensive to get you into “Ring Shape”. They will also go over the basics in the ring, chain wrestling, bumping as well as safety and how to protect your opponent and yourself in the ring.

Intermediate Class
Tuition for the MCWPWTC Intermediate & Advanced/Finishing Classes is $1,500.00. After successfully completing the Beginner’s class and establishing your foundation in your training MCW will work out a payment plan with you for this class. These classes will get much more involved with in ring training as well as the basics of ring psychology, putting matches together and taking your training to the next level. As you progress this class will fine tune your move set, ring psychology, perfect interviews, assist with character development.
During the Intermediate Class you will train with many of the stars of MCW Pro Wrestling as well as other local and national talent. You will basically be taking all of the pieces you have learned through the beginners class and putting them into a functional use. 

The Champion’s Discount
If you have enough belief in yourself and you know that quitting for you simply is not an option and want to pay for the beginners, intermediate, and Advanced/Finishing classes upfront. Then we believe in you enough to offer you a “Champions Discount” of $500. Instead of a total investment of $3,500 by paying for each of those two classes separately the total cost will be $3,000 if paid all together at the same time.
Requirements to start the Beginner’s Class
• Class tuition of $2,000.00.
• Payment Plans are not available. Full amount is due Day one of Class or you will have to wait until the next scheduled class begins
• Cash is accepted
• Credit card is accepted
• Pay Pal is also accepted
• You MUST BE 18 Years of Age in order to attend class. 16 & 17 year olds will be considered with parental consent.  Parents or Guardians must be present at all interviews with trainer and at time of enrollment.
• You must provide a Physical from a Doctor.
• General Recommendations for Class
     - Wrestling Shoes (regular Tennis shoes and boots will not only tear the canvas but they can possibly endanger you) Just regular wrestling shoes are fine. If you want to order professional wrestling boots we can give recommendations.
     - General Understanding of Professional Wrestling
     - Wear loose fitting workout cloths and be prepared to sweat. No Sleeveless shirts or tank tops.
If you are interested in signing up for the MCWPWTC, to schedule an appointment, or if you have additional questions please email us by using the form below.


The MCWPWTC is located at the MCW Arena, 1000 Joppa Farm Road, Joppa, MD 21085


Thanks for submitting!

WWE Hall of Famer Lita  is a former trainee with MCWPWTC.

Former WWE Woman's

Diva's Champion Mickie James  is a former trainee at the MCWPWTC.


Former ROH & WWE Star & Current AEW Star Lio Rush is a former trainee at the MCWPWTC.

Referee Jessika Carr is a former student of the MCWPWTC.

WWE NXT Superstar The Velveteen Dream (Patrick Clark) started training at the MCWPWTC in June 2014 and 1 year later he was competing on WWE Tough Enough! 

Former WWE United States Champion Orlando Jordan is a former student of the MCWPWTC.


"Ring Of Honor Stars Kaun & Moses are former Trainees at the MCWPWTC.


 WWE Superstar Ashante The Adonis from Hit Row is a former trainee at the MCWPWTC.


Former WWE Star James Ellsworth is a former trainee of the MCWPWTC.


Renee Michelle who has appeared on WWE, Impact & AEW is a former trainee at the MCWPWTC.


Independent Wrestling Standout Ken Dixon who regularly works for Ring Of Honor is a former Trainee at the MCWPWTC.


Independent Wrestling Standout Joe Keys who regularly works for ring Of Honor & AEW Dark is a former trainee at the MCWPWTC


Independent Wrestling Standout Dante Caballero who regularly works for Ring Of Honor is a former trainee at the MCWPWTC.


If you have read through all the information thoroughly and all your questions answered and are ready to schedule an appointment to tour the MCW PRO WRESTLING TRAINING CENTER, CLICK HERE!!!

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