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Spencer Slade

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Weight: 233 lbs.

Height: 6'2"

Nicknames: The Show Stealer


Finishing Move: Kryptonite Krunch (White Noise)

Signature Move: Jumping SladeBreaker (Jumping Neckbreaker)


Hailing from the proud city of Harrisburg, PA, Spencer Slade is a force to be reckoned with in the wrestling world. Slade's journey into the realm of professional wrestling began at the IWC School in Pittsburgh, PA, and was further honed at the Elite Pro Wrestling Academy with the guidance of Mike Hollow in Concord, NH. His debut in 2019 marked the beginning of a promising career characterized by his unique blend of technical prowess and raw power.


Slade has left his mark on multiple wrestling promotions, from WWE and AEW to MCW and IWC. He's faced off against a formidable roster of opponents, including the likes of Flip Gordon, Josh Alexander, and Hangman Adam Page. Slade's repertoire includes his signature Jumping SladeBreaker, a move that showcases his ability to combine athleticism and innovation.


A proud holder of championships, Slade has secured the IWC High Stakes Championship, MCW Tag Team Championship, and Imagine Wrestling World Championship. His partnership as part of "Capital Punishment" with Tim Spriggs has also earned him accolades and recognition.


With notable mentors like Bill Collier, Dr. Tom Prichard, and Mike Hollow, Slade's dedication to his craft shines through in his technical acumen and powerhouse moves. His affiliation with "Capital Punishment" and his penchant for intensity have solidified his presence in the ring. Outside the squared circle, Spencer Slade is not just a wrestler but a symbol of overcoming obstacles, as he has triumphed despite his hearing impairment since childhood.


Spencer Slade, known as "The Show Stealer," stands tall as a testament to determination and skill. His journey from overcoming hearing impairment to dominating the wrestling scene serves as an inspiration to fans worldwide. As he continues to bring his unique blend of technical excellence and power to the ring, Spencer Slade's legacy only continues to grow.

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