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Ryan Zukko


Nicknames: The King of Slick Style
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Weight: 229 lbs.
Height: 6'0

Finishing Move: Slick, Rattle & Roll (Unprettier/Killswitch)


Hailing from the charismatic streets of SlickStreet, USA, Ryan Zukko is a name that reverberates through the world of pro wrestling. Embodying the persona of a modern-day Greaser, Zukko's slick style and charismatic presence have made him a standout competitor. Trained under the banner of MCW Pro Wrestling Training Center, Zukko made his pro debut in 2020, igniting a path that showcases his undeniable brawling prowess.


Zukko's arsenal boasts moves that evoke a sense of classic wrestling nostalgia. From the McTwist to the One Footed Dropkick, each maneuver is executed with finesse and precision. His signature finishing move, the Slick, Rattle & Roll, features an Unprettier/Killswitch that leaves opponents stunned.


Notable names in the wrestling circuit have felt the impact of Zukko's presence, including encounters with Kaun, Action Andretti, Ryan McBride, and more. His dedication to improvement is showcased by his participation in seminars conducted by luminaries such as Delirious, Gabe Sapolsky, and Danny Burch.


Having graced the rings of promotions like MCW, VCW, and DCW, Zukko's ascent has already led to championship glory. He holds the DCW No Limits Championship as a testament to his tenacity.


Rooted in the tradition of old-school brawlers, Zukko channels his inner Bruiser and Drolix to deliver performances that resonate with the audience. In his downtime, he's often found listening to the jukebox and meticulously taming his signature greasy hair, embodying the essence of his Greaser persona.


As a modern icon with old-school heart, Ryan Zukko's presence ensures that the legacy of classic wrestling lives on.


Ryan Zukko is more than a wrestler; he's a symbol of the enduring spirit of classic wrestling, a tribute to an era where style and charisma were as important as in-ring technique. With a focus on delivering unforgettable performances and paying homage to his roots, Zukko is a name that resonates with fans of all generations.

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