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Rebecca J Scott ("RJS")


Hometown: Payette, Idaho
Weight: 115 lbs.
Height: 5'1


Finishing Move: Deadhead (Curb Stomp)

Submission Finish - "Rapid Decompression"


Hailing from the quiet town of Payette, Idaho, Rebecca J Scott, known by her initials "RJS," is a fierce and compact force within the world of professional wrestling. A product of the esteemed Battlefield Pro Wrestling training under the tutelage of Afa Jr, RJS made her pro debut in 2021. Her in-ring style is a testament to her diverse training background, incorporating quick movements, hard-hitting strikes, and an emphasis on grappling techniques.


RJS has showcased her abilities in a variety of prestigious promotions, including appearances in Beyond Wrestling, AEW, Northeast Wrestling, and Capital Championship Wrestling. She has squared off against notable opponents like Tay Conti, Megasus Megan Bayne, and Billie Starkz, demonstrating her versatility and determination in the ring.


A blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a practitioner of Muay Thai and mixed martial arts, RJS brings a unique blend of skills to the squared circle. Her finishing move, the "Deadhead" curb stomp, showcases her unrelenting intensity. Additionally, her submission prowess is aptly represented by her move "Rapid Decompression."


Beyond the ring, RJS leads an adventurous life, traveling to 32 countries during her downtime. Her hobbies, which include training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, rock climbing, and boxing, reflect her unwavering commitment to physical and mental growth. In a world of fierce competition, Rebecca J Scott's undeniable skillset and multifaceted background make her a standout force to be reckoned with.


RJS's journey is fueled by her relentless pursuit of excellence both inside and outside the ring. Her dynamic skillset, rooted in diverse training and adventurous experiences, underscores her dedication to her craft and makes her a captivating presence in the world of professional wrestling.

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