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King Ryan McBride


Nicknames: The King Of Maryland Wrestling, ROYAL AF
Hometown: Lavish Palatial Estate overlooking Gobblers Knob, Pennsylvania
Weight: 200 lbs.
Height: 6 feet


Finishing Move: Thy Kingdom Come (Flipping Death Valley Driver)


Hailing from his opulent abode that gazes over Gobblers Knob, Pennsylvania, King Ryan McBride asserts his dominance as a regal figure in the realm of professional wrestling. Crowned with the titles "The King Of Maryland Wrestling" and "ROYAL AF," McBride's presence is as majestic as it is imposing. Trained at the esteemed EWA Pain Factory in Essex, Maryland, he embarked on his wrestling journey in 2006, carving his path with panache.


McBride's clashes have been nothing short of legendary, as he's locked horns with luminaries like Matt & Jeff The Hardy Boyz, Tommy Dreamer, Headbanger Mosh, Justin Credible, and Jerry Lawler. His finishing move, "Thy Kingdom Come," a flipping Death Valley Driver, sends shivers through his opponents. This sovereign's moveset is a reflection of his regal persona, characterized by its authority and audacity.


Noteworthy seminars, including sessions by Les Thatcher and an ROH Tryout Camp, have refined McBride's already considerable skills. His conquests have graced the rings of prestigious promotions like MCW, CZW, and ROH. A holder of several prestigious titles including MCW Heavyweight, MCW Rage TV, MCW Tag Team, MCW Cruiserweight, and the 2009 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup, McBride's royal legacy continues to expand.


Aligning with The Bruiser as his mentor and standing alongside his faction, The Kings, McBride is a master of old-school wrestling, infusing each match with mind games that leave his adversaries second-guessing. Beyond the squared circle, this regent revels in weightlifting and racing. A grand enigma of the wrestling world, King Ryan McBride's captivating story unfolds with each royal decree.


Ryan McBride, bedecked in royal flair, marches to the beat of his own regal drum. His encounters with legends and his audacious wrestling style paint a portrait of a monarch whose presence demands respect and reverence. With a cadre of championships and a mentor in The Bruiser, King Ryan McBride is an undeniable force in the tapestry of professional wrestling.

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