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Dirty Money


Nicknames: Mr. Untouchable
Hometown: Crystal City, VA
Weight: 2 Bills & Some Change
Height: 5’10


Finishing Moves: Money Clip & Dirt Nap (Sky High Spine Buster & Modified Camel Clutch)



Emerging from the gritty streets of Crystal City, VA, Dirty Money is a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling. Known as "Mr. Untouchable," he's a brawler with a unique edge. Trained under the guidance of industry veterans Al Snow and Rip Rogers at OVW, Dirty Money made his professional debut in 1998. His unyielding determination and explosive style have earned him a spot among wrestling's elite.


Throughout his storied career, Dirty Money has gone head-to-head with a who's who of wrestling royalty. From the Hardy Boyz and King Lawler to Daniel Bryan and Drew McIntyre, Money has faced them all, proving his mettle in the squared circle. Notably, he's been a member of the legendary Rock & Roll Express and has graced the rings of prominent promotions including Impact, ROH, and NWA VA.


Dirty Money's accolades include being a 2-time OVW Tag Team Champion, a testament to his skill and resilience. He's forged alliances with a range of partners, such as Eric Chapel, Scott Cardinal, Phil Brown, Sean Li, and Mike Mondo, showcasing his adaptability and teamwork.


Though Dirty Money's exterior exudes toughness, there's more beneath the surface. While not always choosing the high road, he's ultimately a good-hearted figure. His wrestling style is best described as a brawler, reflecting his gritty approach to the sport. Outside of wrestling, he's a multi-faceted individual who enjoys activities like Zumba, basketball, weightlifting, and music. Dirty Money's mantra, "Dirty is as Dirty Does," resonates through his wrestling journey, where he continues to leave his indelible mark.

Hobbies: Zumba, Basketball, Lifting Weights, Music


Dirty Money's story is one of overcoming odds and defying expectations. His legacy is that of a versatile wrestler who thrives on the wild side of the sport. As "Mr. Untouchable," he's navigated a path through challenges and triumphs, leaving fans with an unforgettable impression of his prowess and tenacity.

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