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Clay Jacobs

Nicknames: "Cousin Clay"
Hometown: Deadwood, Texas
Weight: 302 lbs.
Height: 6 feet


Finishing Move: Scarlett Rot (Bossman Slam)

Moveset: Rebound Clothesline, Helter Skelter (Reverse DDT Slam)


Hailing from the rugged heart of Deadwood, Texas, Clay Jacobs, known by the moniker "Cousin Clay," emerges as a force of unpredictable energy in the realm of professional wrestling. Having been molded under the banner of MCW Pro Wrestling, Jacobs marked his pro debut in 2016. His in-ring narrative is intertwined with an unhinged passion for violence, fueled by a lust for chaos.


Jacobs' repertoire is punctuated by his finishing move, the "Scarlett Rot," a bone-shattering Bossman Slam that epitomizes his unrelenting approach. His moveset also includes the thunderous Rebound Clothesline and the twisted Helter Skelter, a Reverse DDT Slam that leaves opponents dazed.


Clay Jacobs' career path has brought him face-to-face with formidable opponents such as The Wolves, Hernandez, Ricky Reyes, and Kaun. He's honed his skills through esteemed camps and seminars led by the likes of Davey Richards and Nunzio. Jacobs' wrestling journey has seen him navigate the rings of prominent promotions, including MCW and WILDKAT.


As part of the Jacob's family, a collective known as the Appalachian Outlaws, Jacobs epitomizes a lust for violence in the ring. He draws inspiration from his mentor, RJ Meyer, in his quest to redefine the boundaries of the wrestling world. Beyond the squared circle, Jacobs finds solace in lifting weights and engaging in the art of wrestling.


Clay Jacobs stands as a testament to the wild, untamed spirit of the wrestling world. His journey is marked by chaos, passion, and a commitment to bringing his unapologetically visceral brand of wrestling to fans everywhere.

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