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RJ "The Bruiser" Meyer, an enduring force within the world of professional wrestling, left an indelible mark on MCW Pro Wrestling and the entire wrestling community. A true icon, he embodied the spirit of dedication, passion, and leadership throughout his 23-year journey within the ring and beyond.


Early Roots and Legacy: RJ "The Bruiser" Meyer's story intertwines seamlessly with the inception of MCW Pro Wrestling. His connection to the promotion dates back to its very beginning in 1997 when he became the inaugural student of the MCW Training Center. He embraced the art of wrestling with unwavering commitment, ultimately shaping the training center into a breeding ground for talent.


Heart and Soul of MCW: Throughout his storied career, RJ "The Bruiser" Meyer became synonymous with MCW Pro Wrestling. As an eleven-time MCW Champion, he exemplified excellence in the squared circle. Beyond titles and accolades, he was the heart and soul of the promotion, infusing every event with his boundless energy and charismatic presence.


A Multi-Faceted Legacy: RJ "The Bruiser" Meyer's influence extended beyond his in-ring performances. He seamlessly transitioned into a trainer, producer, coach, and locker room leader. His dedication to developing the next generation of wrestling talent was evident as he mentored aspiring wrestlers, including luminaries like Lio Rush, Velveteen Dream & Action Andretti.


A Champion of Resilience: RJ "The Bruiser" Meyer's story of triumph extended beyond the ring. Overcoming personal struggles, he rekindled his passion for wrestling and, in turn, championed those battling similar challenges. His journey to sobriety became a beacon of hope, a testament to his unyielding spirit.


The RJ Meyer Arena: In honor of his unparalleled contributions, the MCW Pro Wrestling community now gathers at the RJ Meyer Arena—a venue that bears his name. This arena stands as a living tribute to the man who defined what it means to be "Bruiser Strong."


A Lasting Legacy: RJ "The Bruiser" Meyer's legacy resonates throughout MCW Pro Wrestling and beyond. His impact as a wrestler, mentor, and leader is a testament to his enduring spirit. As we celebrate his memory each year with the "Bruiser Strong" event, we continue to carry forward his legacy of passion, dedication, and camaraderie.

RJ "The Bruiser" Meyer will forever remain a cornerstone of MCW Pro Wrestling's history. His journey—from the first student of the training center to becoming an iconic figure—exemplifies the essence of MCW Pro Wrestling. As we honor his memory, we stand united in his spirit and commitment to being "Bruiser Strong.

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