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Brandon Scott


Nicknames: Mr. XCellence
Hometown: Robbinsdale, MN
Weight: 191 lbs.
Height: 5' 8"


Finishing Move: ScottBuster (360 Flipping Neckbreaker from Top Rope)


Signature Moves: Slice of XCellence (Springboard Cutter)


From the streets of Robbinsdale, MN, comes the embodiment of excellence – Brandon Scott, known to the wrestling world as Mr. XCellence. A graduate of the Superior Pro Wrestling Training Center in Hagerstown, MD, under the watchful eye of John Rambo, Scott stormed into professional wrestling in 2006. Standing at 5' 8" and weighing 191 lbs., Scott defies expectations with his explosive style and technical prowess.


Scott's reputation has been forged in the crucible of competition, locking horns with luminaries such as Billy Gunn, Nick Aldis, and EC3. His dynamic moveset includes the formidable ScottBuster – a 360 Flipping Neckbreaker from the top rope, and the Slice of XCellence, a lightning-quick Springboard Cutter that leaves fans in awe.


Beyond the ropes, Scott's journey has woven through promotions like MCW, VCW, AML, House of Hardcore, and more. His trophy cabinet boasts championships like the MCW Rage TV title and the VCW Heavyweight championship. Notably, Scott emerged victorious in the esteemed Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup in 2019.


A wrestler of resilience, Scott has embraced mentors like Billy Gunn, Tommy Dreamer, and Ron Simmons. He's currently part of the faction "The Trade," showcasing his strategic prowess. As a testament to his grit, Scott's style marries old-school technique with an electrifying flash.


Off the canvas, Scott indulges in hobbies such as football, escape rooms, gaming, and sculpting his physique at the gym. His journey, sparked by a childhood dream, has seen him grace the pages of PWI 500 multiple times. Despite rarely being the biggest dog in the fight, once the bell rings, Brandon Scott stands tall as one of the toughest competitors in the squared circle.

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