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Big AC


Hometown: Augusta, Georgia
Weight: 425 lbs.
Height: 6'3"


Finishing Move: Apocalypse Drop (World Strongest Slam)


Emerging from the gritty streets of Augusta, Georgia, Big AC is a colossal force within the world of professional wrestling. Standing at 6'3" and tipping the scales at an imposing 425 lbs., he embodies the raw power of a true super heavyweight. Trained at the MCW Pro Wrestling Training Center under the tutelage of Drolix and Bryan Johnson, Big AC made his pro debut in 2022, bursting onto the scene with a blend of brute strength and intensity.


In the ring, Big AC is a dominant force, with his signature move, the Apocalypse Drop, leaving opponents shattered in its wake. The move, a thunderous World Strongest Slam, exemplifies his unrelenting power and unyielding determination. His moveset is characterized by devastating simplicity, showcasing his ability to bulldoze through opponents.


Having plied his trade in promotions like MCW, VCW, DCW, and WDWA, Big AC has already garnered a reputation as a force to be reckoned with. His involvement with Team Spriggs highlights his willingness to align with others who share his ferocious intensity.


Outside of wrestling, Big AC's interests may surprise fans—he's drawn to the world of film. However, once he steps into the ring, his singular focus becomes apparent: inflicting pain upon his opponents. With no championships to his name yet, Big AC's journey in professional wrestling is just beginning. His unrelenting pursuit of domination and his hunger for causing agony make him a figure that fans won't soon forget.


 Big AC's presence alone sends tremors through the squared circle. He's a wrestler who thrives on causing pain, a fact that's evident in every thunderous impact he delivers. As his journey unfolds, Big AC's aspirations for dominance and his dedication to embodying the essence of a true super heavyweight continue to shape his trajectory in the world of wrestling.

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