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Alex Divine


Nicknames: "The Heaven Sent Kid"
Hometown: High Above The Clouds of Glenn Dale, MD
Weight: 165 lbs.
Height: 5'7


Finishing Move: Descent From Heaven (Corkscrew Somersault)


Moveset: Divine Intervention (Springboard Spear); The Golden Rule (Springboard Dropkick)


From the ethereal heights of Glenn Dale, MD, emerges "The Heaven Sent Kid" Alex Divine. Trained under the expert guidance of wrestling luminaries at MCW Pro Wrestling Training Center, including RJ "Bruiser" Meyer, Dean Gutridge, and Brian Johnson, Divine debuted in 2021 as a beacon of high-flying brawling excellence.


A true embodiment of his moniker, Divine graces the ring with a heavenly aura and a style that's equal parts athleticism and aggression. His signature move, "Descent From Heaven," a corkscrew somersault, epitomizes his ability to soar through the skies to secure victory. Other moves in his arsenal include "Divine Intervention," a powerful springboard spear, and "The Golden Rule," a springboard dropkick.


Divine's journey through the squared circle has brought him face to face with renowned opponents like Brandon Scott, The Trade, Black Wallstreet, Trey Miguel, and more. Beyond the ropes, Divine has attended notable camps and seminars, including the CZW Combine, a Delirious seminar, and a session led by Jay Lethal.


A rising star in the wrestling universe, Alex Divine's dedication is palpable. Although championships may have eluded him thus far, his partnership with Angel Alvarado has shown great promise. Divine's influences extend beyond his mentors, Brian Johnson, Raul Camacho, and Drolix, as his life's mission involves spreading positivity and inspiration as a "Heaven Sent" agent of change.


Alex Divine is more than a wrestler; he's a celestial force committed to using his talents to uplift others. With an ever-expanding journey that's yet to reach its zenith, Divine is poised to reach new heights both inside and outside the wrestling ring.

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