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Myles Hawkins


Nicknames: The 99 Overall
Hometown: Siesta Key, Florida
Weight: 217 lbs
Height: 6'1"


Finishing Moves: Top Rope Elbow Drop "The Palm Tree Plunge" & Fireman's Carry Driver "Inferno Driver"


Hailing from the sun-soaked shores of Siesta Key, Florida, Myles Hawkins is renowned as "The 99 Overall" due to his all-around excellence in the ring. Trained at the esteemed MCW Pro Wrestling Training Center by the likes of Brian Johnson and Dean Gutridge, Hawkins burst onto the professional wrestling scene in 2021 with a style that's both innovative and explosive.


Known for his diverse skill set, Hawkins has captured attention with his top rope elbow drop and the devastating fireman's carry driver. His wrestling journey has seen him take on notable adversaries, including powerhouse teams like the Motor City Machine Guns and FTR, as well as acclaimed wrestlers Chris Bey and Rich Swann.


Hawkins' training and dedication have translated to championship success, with titles like the MCW Tag Team Championship, DCW Heavyweight Championship, and MCW Rage TV Championship adorning his resume. Notably, he's formed alliances with fellow talents, including tag team partner Killian McMurphy and former affiliation with "The Trade."

Beyond the ring, Hawkins is recognized for mastering a wide array of activities on his first attempt, a trait that mirrors his in-ring versatility. As an NCAA All-American, his prowess extends beyond professional wrestling, further underscoring his status as an exceptional athlete.


As "The 99 Overall," Myles Hawkins stands tall as a complete package, captivating audiences with his groundbreaking maneuvers and well-rounded skills.


Myles Hawkins epitomizes the concept of a "99 Overall" athlete, excelling not only in the wrestling ring but also as an NCAA All-American. His mastery of a diverse range of activities and his uncanny ability to succeed on the first attempt showcase his exceptional athleticism and determination. In the world of professional wrestling, "The 99 Overall" Myles Hawkins is a force to be reckoned with, a talent whose explosive innovation sets him apart on every platform.

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