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Kekoa - "The Hawaiian Warrior"


Hometown: Manoa, Hawaii
Weight: 205 lbs.
Height: 6 feet


Finishing Move: Frog Splash


From the idyllic shores of Manoa, Hawaii, emerges the fierce presence known as "The Hawaiian Warrior," Kekoa. Standing at 6 feet tall and weighing 205 pounds, Kekoa embodies the essence of strength and resilience. His in-ring persona is a testament to the rich cultural heritage that courses through his veins, making him a true representative of his homeland.


Kekoa's journey into professional wrestling started in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he dedicated himself to the craft. In 2006, he made his impactful pro debut and has since graced rings across prominent promotions. He's faced off against notable adversaries, including the accomplished Mike Mondo, proving his mettle in intense encounters.


With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Kekoa has sought wisdom from some of the industry's best. He's attended seminars by revered figures like Gabe Sapolsky, Adam Cole, and the iconic Ricky Steamboat. His resume boasts a stellar record of over 30 championships earned throughout his career, a testament to his skill and dedication.


Beyond his wrestling prowess, Kekoa's passions extend to being a devoted "girl dad," indulging in video games, strolling along the sandy shores, and embracing the joys of life. In the ring, his style is defined by the powerful impact of strong style wrestling. As "The Hawaiian Warrior," Kekoa continues to honor his roots, leaving an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling.


Kekoa, bearing the moniker "The Hawaiian Warrior," stands as a symbol of cultural pride and determination. His journey, a fusion of heritage and athleticism, speaks volumes about his commitment to both his craft and his loved ones. With a legacy of championships and a heart full of experiences, Kekoa's story continues to unfold on the grand stage of professional wrestling.

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