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"Miami" Mike Walker


Nicknames: The Ice Man
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Weight: 185 lbs.
Height: 5’7

Finishing Move: "The Last Call" (Belly to Back Front Buster)


From the streets of Baltimore, MD, emerges "Miami" Mike Walker, a dynamic force in the world of professional wrestling. The ring becomes his stage, and his heart beats with the rhythm of the city he calls home. Trained at the MCW Training Center, Walker made his mark on the scene in 2020, launching a journey that has taken him to the forefront of the wrestling world.


Walker's signature move, "The Last Call," is a testament to his unyielding determination. Drawing from his technical finesse and high-flying agility, he executes a Belly to Back Front Buster that sends opponents reeling. The moniker "The Ice Man" encapsulates his unshakable composure and his ability to keep his cool even in the heat of battle.


With notable clashes against wrestling luminaries such as Trey Miguel, Lio Rush, and Bobby Fish, Walker has solidified his presence on the stage. As a MCW Rage TV Champion and the 2023 MCW Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Winner, his journey is etched in gold. Walker's partnership with Vinny Talotta as "The Postgame" has ignited arenas, showcasing their electrifying synergy.


Walker's journey of growth has been enriched by experiences like the Gabe Spolsky WWN seminar. As a part of the "Post Game" faction, he's embraced camaraderie in the pursuit of glory. A man of the people, Walker balances his intense wrestling career with his love for the nightlife and Ravens games—a testament to his vibrant personality.


In the world of "Miami" Mike Walker, there's no room for limitations. The echoes of his accomplishments, his technical prowess, and his undying spirit continue to reverberate across the wrestling landscape.


 "Miami" Mike Walker isn't just a name; it's a declaration of a unique wrestling style that adapts to every challenge. With his signature "The Last Call" move, he leaves an indelible mark in the ring. As a champion, a partner, and a dynamic force, Walker's journey is one of triumph, camaraderie, and unyielding spirit—a legacy etched in ice and fire.

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