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January 18, 2020 | Hollywood, MD
Winter Blast in Hollywood post show wrap up takes a dramatic turn (video).
January 17, 2020 | Joppa, MD
New Year, New Champions (video)
11/09/2019 - "Autumn Armageddon Tour" in Hollywood, MD event results and recap.
10/05/2019 - "Tribute to the Legends" event recap.
06/01/2019 - “Jimmy’s Famous Slamboree” results from Joppa, MD
04/27/2019 - The results of "Shattered Dreams" from Joppa, MD
04/13/2019 - The results of “Spring Fever” in Hampstead, MD
03/31/2019 - The results of Spring Fever from Joppa, MD
03/31/2019 - From Joppa, MD, after a victory in Joppa, MCW owner Dan McDevit came to the ring with good and bad news.  The bad news, SOS's Malcolm Moses and Bishop Kaun were ordered to surrender their Tag Team titles.  The good news, both just signed a 3 year exclusive deal with Ring of Honor.  Later during the show, Dan McDevitt returned to the stage after Gia Scott lost her match to Aria Palmer (new Woman's Champ) to announce how MCW is going to crown new Tag Team Champions.  McDevitt was cut off by Gia Scott who demanded to be entered into the MCW Tag Team Tournament.  After some thought, McDevitt told Gia he would enter her as the first entry and that her tag team partner would be Aria Palmer.  The first round of this tournament begins at the MCW Arena.
02/23/2019 - The results of MCW Anniversary from Joppa, MD
01/26/2019 - The results of Winter Blast from Manchester, MD
01/25/2019 - The results of Winter Blast from Felton, DE
01/19/2019 Hollywood, MD - "King" Ryan McBride won back the Rage TV Championship in Hollywood, MD only to have it ripped from him hands when he was beat up Elijah King, after GM Phil Stamper granted Elijah a request. The Woman's title came back to Gia Scott after she defeated Aria Palmer.  
01/18/2019 Joppa, MD - In a historic event, IMPACT Knockout, Scarlett Bordeaux defeated “King” McBride to become the new  and first female MCW RAGE TV Champion!
12/01/2018 - In a Steel Cage match, Ken Dixon def. Drolix.  Drolix must leave MCW Pro Wrestling and announced he will do so.  He thanked the MCW fan base for their support.
12/01/2018 - The Bruiser came to the aid of Joey Keys at Seasons Beatings.  Bruiser announced that he has been cleared by his doctor to return to work full duty.  He then invoked his Heavyweight Championship rematch and said it would be at New Year's Mayhem in Perry Hall, December 29th.
10/06/2018 - An Altercation break out backstage at Autumn Armageddon 2018 in Galena, MD as Danny Mays attempted to interview Rush Hour about their HUGE tag team win over G-Money.  To See Watch This Event Go to to watch this and many other past events.
09/29/2018 - 10 Time MCW Heavyweight Champion, The Bruiser, announced he has retired from all in ring action. 
07/17/2018 - 10 Time MCW Heavyweight Champion, The Bruiser, suffered a severe concussion and neck injury this past weekend at Shamrock Cup 18. At the request of his doctors, The Bruiser has informed MCW Pro Wrestling that he is withdrawing from active competition pending further medical results. We will keep the fans posted as we know more.

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04/24/2018 - Former WWE star Rosa Mendes targeting history, redemption on comeback trail

Former WWE Diva Rosa Mendes leaves her home on a chilly morning and begins her five-hour drive from Pittsburgh to Joppa, Md., a town about 20 miles outside of Baltimore... Read More

04/23/2018 - Tribute To The Legends, Corporal Punishment made clear he never divested his interest in MCW Pro Wrestling and was still the owner, that he would never “put himself over”, but... Read more

04/15/2018 - MCW Spring Fever in Hollywood, MD Before the steel cage main event for the MCW Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title between champion... Read more

03/25/2018 MCW "Break Through" Proving Grounds - It was a surprising night at MCW Pro Wrestling on Saturday, March 24 in Joppa, MD with guests from Wildkat Sports and three title changes... Read more

03/02/2018 - Former WWE Diva Rosa Mendes has publicly announced that she is training for a comeback in Professional Wrestling and she has decided to start training full time at the MCW Pro Wrestling Training Center to prepare for her return to the ring... Read more 

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12/01/2017 Seasons Beatings - As our main card began, we honored the memory of David Arbogast, a member of the Maryland State Athletic Commission who recently .... Read more

11/10/2017 Autumn Armageddon from Joppa Results - Sean Studd came to the ring, thanking General Manager Phil Stamper and owner Dan McDevitt for a chance to address the crowd, sharing that he was leaving MCW.... Read more

10/22/2017 Autumn Armageddon from Manchster Results - MCW Pro Wrestling brought the “Autumn Armageddon 2017 Tour” to Manchester Valley High School .... Read more

October 11, 2017

10/11/2017 Autumn Armageddon from Hollywood - General Manager Phil Stamper came to the ring to share bad news and good news .... Read more

Tribute To The Legends show Results

   Joey Matthews has single-handedly changed the face of MCW Pro Wrestling forever.... Read more

08/12/2017 Event Results; The Final Hour - The final hours for in MCW for Lio Rush has come and gone.  Lio will be heading south to open the NXT chapter in is career... Read more

07/16/2017 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Results - The Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup was a two night event.  The ending was not pretty... Read more

04/23/2017 - Spring Fever results, MCW Pro Wrestling returns for a night of action with "Spring Fever" on Saturday, April 22 that included a special appearance from Rey Mysterio...  Read more

03/05/2017 -  Mat Madness results, The fans were treated to two big surprises; WWE Hall of Famer Amy Dumas' (aka LITA) first match in several years and a special guest appearance by Brian Christopher (aka Grandmaster Sexay)...  Read more

02/01/2017 - Event Results from Broken Anniversary, January 28 as we started 2017 with a sold out crowd of almost 1,400 fans and huge breaking news...  Read more



12/19/2016 - Lio Rush on the Fast Track to Pro Wrestling Stardom, ESPN: There's an undeniable youth movement going on in the world of independent wrestling as young performers are becoming stars at a quicker pace... Read more (Adam Cole talks Lio Rush video clip included)

12/06/2016 - Black Wall Street Is Bankrupt; Napalm Bomb Cashes Out, While most found Napalm Bomb turning on his colleagues, his friends, his “family” as shocking...  Read more

12/04/2016 - Event Results from Seasons Beatings, Beatings, Handcuffs, Steel Cage, Tables...  Read more

11/23/2016 - MCW brings live wrestling and legend Kevin Nash to Waldorf, Maryland Independent: A live wrestling match held at Unique Sports Academy that brought excited fans... Read more

11/29/2016 - Mangers Matter, You cannot deny the important role that manager’s play in professional wrestling. Even though we don’t see managers too often in companies like...  Read more


11/11/2016 - Event Results from Autumn Armageddon Tour Frederick, Inside a steel cage...  Read more

11/10/2016 - Event Results from Autumn Armageddon Tour Waldorf, Kevin Nash addresses crowd...  Read more

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07/19/2016 - Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup 16 Results, Saturday, July 16 saw the 16th annual Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup and the first event under the...  Read more


04/22/2016 - MCW Re-branding after June 18th, This change recognizes success in providing events throughout not only Maryland, but Delaware, Pennsylvania, and abroad, as well as the growth of an online platform... Read more

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